A Short History of the Frank Machon Circuit

Provided by Torty

Back in the 1970’s sport on the Island was very much under the control of the Education Committee. Realising that they knew very little about sport they set up a Sports Advisory Sub-committee and l was invited to join. After my three year term was up l recommend that Gordon Wright replace me.
This was in the late 1970’s at a time when the Les Quennevais Sports complex was being developed.  Cycling then was not as popular then as it is today so Gordon recommended that a service road be built round the perimeter of the complex. This the committee accepted little knowing they had just been sold a cycle circuit. 

However, Gordon had another trick up his sleeve because the man designing the circuit knew Gordon and having heard it was to be used for cycle racing phoned Gordon and asked the question “How wide to you want the finishing straight?”  Now you know why the last 100 meters is at least twice as wide as the rest of the circuit. Gordon also requested the kerb stones be level with the tarmac so riders could run off on to the grass. 
The circuit was opened in March 1984 by Nell Machon and named after her late husband Frank Machon, founder of the Caesarean Cycling Club and President for over 40 years. There is a commemorative stone near the entrance to the circuit.  

The track measures approximately 1500m depending on wether you take the inside or outside line and thanks to James Paterson, Andy Hamon and Stephen Haley now has electric timing installed.

The photo below is from 1993 when the Thursday evening series of 10 lap races was known as the Bacofoil Series. How many of the riders do you know or remember?