CCC in the Occupation

The only light weight bike shop during the Occupation was the Millbrook Bike Shop now Temptations Hair Dressing Salon near Benest Supermarket. This was run by Frank Machon, founder member and first President of the Caesarean Cycling Club. It was also the gathering place for club members. With nothing new to sell the shop relied on repairs and servicing to stay in business.

When inner tubes and tyres were repaired and worn to the point of extinction it was time to invent the first tubeless tyre, the hose pipe.  With all cars commandeered by the Germans a man on his sit up and beg bike complete hose pipe tyres was King of the Road. 

It’s also worth a mention that one of Frank Machon’s mechanics and CCC member, Wally Amy, tried to escape to France in 1944. The attempt failed and the Germans got wind of it and came to the shop looking for Wally. Frank was furious as this was the first he knew about it, but covered well and had no idea where to find Wally. Wally went undercover for a few weeks and, probably because Newgate prison was full of political prisoners and there was a waiting list for accommodation, the Germans lost interest.

After the Liberation, Wally was the first Jerseyman to join the RAF remaining in the service for his entire career.

In the photo taken at Wally’s wedding to Mary on the left is Frank Machon with Don Ecobichon just visible behind him. On the right nearer the camera is Stan Perchard and the tall man at the back is Gerald Turner, former owner of
The Cycle Centre.