Development Fund

The CCC (‘the Club’) believes that it is in the interests of cycle sport in Jersey to provide financial support to young club members who have the potential and ambition to perform and achieve at a level higher than that available on island.

The Management Committee (‘the Committee’) will set a figure annually for the money the Club allocates to the Development Fund. This figure may vary from year to year reflecting the Club’s financial well-being. This sum of money is in addition to any sums allocated for travel grants.

The rider applying for development funding must be:

  • a club member;
  • 18 to 22 (inclusive) years of age;
  • able to provide evidence of commitment to the sport;
  • able to provide evidence of race results at an appropriate level;
  • able to provide evidence of their own financial investment in their development;
  • able to provide a plan for their improvement;
  • able to provide evidence of what the Club’s money will buy;
  • able to explain what the Club will get in return for its support.

Potential applicants will be encouraged to discuss with the Committee how they can fulfill the eligibility criteria prior to submitting a formal application. Applicants will be expected to present their case for funding to the Management Committee which may include a verbal explanation of reasons for the application, providing documents giving evidence of eligibility, and answering the Committee’s questions.

Recognizing the individual nature of each applicant, the Committee acknowledges that there may be occasions where it may be appropriate to vary the conditions of eligibility. When considering exercising its discretionary powers the Committee will review the applicant’s realistic prospects for achieving their ambitions, what is in the best interests of the Club and the sport, and the risk that granting the sum requested would, in time, prove to have been unwise.

In the event that an applicant for development funding is granted financial support, the rider will be asked to enter into an Agreement with the Club. That Agreement will stipulate the funding granted, the purpose and period it is for, what the rider hopes to achieve as a result of receiving the grant and what the Club will receive in return.

If the Committee declines the development funding application this will not disqualify the rider from making future applications.