Club Runs and Training Rides​

There are a variety of club runs and training rides throughout the year which cover all abilities. Listed below are a few of these. Members also organise other informal runs (not listed below) with specific training in mind - you can find out about these by talking to members on a ride or in the café after a run. There will be a ride to suit all abilities.

Maps of all the start locations can by found under Visiting Jersey.​

Saturday 9am La Mare, St. Clement - all year round
This is the club run which takes the same route each week starting at the bus shelter at La Mare, St. Clement. We follow the coast road eastwards through Grouville to Gorey where we go up to the castle and take the dip into Anne Port and on to St. Catherine’s. The steep climb up from St. Catherine’s is optionally preceded by going round the rock so it lets the faster riders flex their muscles without dropping the rest. We follow the road towards the top of Rozel but stay on top and travel west passing the top of Bouley Bay and then take the road around Les Platons to Hautes Croix. The road from here takes us through St. John’s Village and on to St. Mary where the pace can be very swift (there are a number of short cuts if you don’t wish to push that big ring). Passing St. Mary’s church we head towards the airport but cut back towards St. Ouen, through the village then taking a left at Rue de Trodez, following the Bal Tab circuit to Café St. Ouen for coffee and chat. Everyone is welcome.

Mountain Bike Training - all year round
Training rides leave The Hamburger every Sunday morning at 7am - all riders welcome. The pace is usually pretty steady, depending on the time of year, and any slower riders will be waited for. Routes vary depending on weather but are usually a mix of valleys and cliff path. All rides finish at the Sugar Basin for coffee at about 10am. Semi slicks are pretty good in summer, but full tread tyres are recommended in the winter months. A bottle of drink or camel-pack is advised along with at least 1 spare tube and pump. The emphasis on all the rides is about having a good time while improving bike handling and fitness.

Winter Sundays: Training ride
These rides take place on Sundays starting at 8:30am from West Park opposite the Grand Hotel. This is normally October to February (There is a small number who ride all year as well).There is no set route or distance and will vary according to the time of year, weather and who turns up. We also have runs on bank holidays - same time, same place. This is probably the best ride if you’re a novice - if you make contact​ before hand, we’ll look our for you.

Evening Ride
There are ‘brisk’ two hour evening training rides each Tuesday and Thursday starting 5:30pm from West Park and travelling west Ask Dave Mayman for more information.

Weekday “Bus Pass Peddlers” Ride (all year round)
For those with more leisure time, there are rides starting at Trinity Parish Hall car park each Tuesday and Thursday at 9:15am sharp (some riders have to get back to work). These rides are well supported and are growing in popularity - both road and mountain bikers are very welcome. For more information contact Torty on 499440.

Newcomers are always welcome - just turn up or email us at

Here are a few guidelines and tips for getting the most out of winter club runs. If you’re new and unsure, just turn up - there’ll be lots of friendly people available to help and advise on kit, riding and bike setup.

  1. Ensure you are self sufficient: ​mudguards, pump and spare inner-tube essential in wet conditions (having no mudguards leaves those behind you with a muddy face!)
  2. Experience any difficulty? If you have any problem at all tell someone immediately - do not get left behind / stranded
  3. Dress appropriately: It can be very cold even when riding hard - no shorts in winter, ensure you carry a rain jacket or a gillet
  4. Turns on the front: Keep to approx. 2 minutes this will keep the group flowing
  5. Any questions? Just ask!