Sabotage by a CCC Member

Amongst the many little known stories of the Occupation one CCC member has an extraordinary story all of his own.

Gordon Prigent was a 17 year old who every night would slip out of his house and pee in the petrol tanks of the German lorries parked outside.  He was certain somebody informed on him because early one morning the Gestapo called.

Being short of labour they ordered him to work for them and took him off to paint some storage tanks near the airport. On arrival Gordon said “l’m a builder l don’t do painting.” The Germans were determined to make him work for them so immediately shipped him off to a labour camp in Alderney. All residents of Alderney had been evacuated and two labour camps and two concentration camps had been established. The population of slave labour was about 7000 and as many as 700 may have died, although the figure remains uncertain. Gordon was put in the ‘volunteer labour‘ camp Lager Bokhurn and sent to work in the fields planting potatoes. 

When the allies landed in France, Gordon was ordered to dig his own grave and to stand alongside so if the allies invaded he could be shot and dumped in the trench. Fortunately this never happened and he was sent on to Guernsey.

Eventually he got back to Jersey and never said much about his experience and it has only been by contacting his widow Iris that the story has been pieced together.