Join the Club

Join the club

Joining is easy, just select the "team" that best describes you. This will allow you to receive relevant updates to your interests.

Road Race Team - This is the team to join if you want to race on the road, either road racing or TT. If you are planning to race MTB as well, then sign up to this team, so you will be included in the CCC marshal pool.

Road Team - This is for everyone else interested in the road, either social member, or  just taking part in club runs.

MTB Team - This is for anyone interested in MTB, including anyone who only wants to race MTB, if you want to do both you need to be in the Road Race team.

Registrating for a team

Just select the team you are interested in and look for the registration page for that team. 

You then sign up for a SportMember account, and payment via card will be taken on the next page. 

We no longer accept cheques or other payment methods, due to the administration involved, paying by card automates the whole process.

Discounts for Families and couples

When registering as a couple or family, if you enter the same address details it will apply a discount for any additional memberships. So the following applies:

Couple   £35 +£5  =£40

Family £35 + £5 per child = £50 (2 Children)

If you have having issues with this discount applying, then get in touch, at